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Our Nursery

Our Nursery
Our nursery in the woods began in 1982. It started out as a bedding plant business serving local gardeners. As the seasons progressed, trees and shrubs suitable for our short Rocky Mountain foothills growing season were included. Behind the scenes, a waterlily collection was being created. Plants from far off nurseries were imported, both hardy and tropical. Aquatic production tanks were experimented with and constructed, making it possible to grow and overwinter these beautiful plants. Many waterlilies did not survive the long winters and cool summers, but those that did were multiplied and offered to our customers. Over time, the greenhouse and field growing space were expanded to meet the many crop needs. Bearberry Creek Greenhouses, Nursery and Water Gardens continued year after year for 40 years. With an increase in demand for both native wetland plants and ornamental water plants, and an arrival of other garden centres in the area, it was time for the business to change . The facility is now being converted to specialize in the production of water plants only. Under the revised name of Bearberry Creek Water Gardens we hope to continue to provide hardy aquatics to our customers for years to come. Thank you to our many customers of the past who have gone off the beated track to visit our nursery and pick up plants for their home. We encourage gardeners to add ponds, water containers and streams to their yards and enjoy the incredible beauty that only water plants can provide. We look forward to meeting new water gardeners that are able to find the time and inclination to make the trek to our nursery in the woods This season we will be open during the summer months of June, July and August.

We welcome you to the wonderful world of waterplants.
                Jan and Heinjo Lahring
RR 2 Sundre, Alberta, Canada T0M 1X0
403 638-4231
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