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Plant Descriptions > Rooted Floating Leaf
                               Caltha natans                  $2.95  3 stems/bunch
                               Polygonum amphibium     $1.95 per plug (less than 32)
                                                                     $1.60 per plug (32 or more)
                               Potamogeton natans        $2.95  3 stems/bunch
                               Sagittaria cuneata            $3.95 per plug/bareroot
Email us your wish list and we will send you a quote. Orders can be prepared for pick up at nursery or we can ship them to you, Let us know your preferance.

Caltha natans
Floating Marsh Marigold
Small waterlily-like leaves float on water surface. Flowers are whitish pink, blooming throughout summer
  • Water depth 0-24"
  • Native
  • Winter hardy

Polygonum amphibium
Water Smartweed
Short spikes of bright pink flowers. Its amphibious nature permits it to survive dry to flooded conditions.
  • Water depth 0-24"
  • Native
  • Winter hardy

Potamogeton natans
Floating-leaf Pondweed
Surfaced leaves are elliptic and bronzy green in colour. Green spikes develop later in season producing seeds for waterfowl.
  • Water depth 12"-36"
  • Native
  • Winter hardy

Sagittaria cuneata
Arum-leaved Arrowhead
First leaves float on surface. In very shallow conditions it tens to form upright emergent foliage. White flowers appear in summer. Tuber forming.
  • Water depth 2-36"
  • Native
  • Winter hardy
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