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Plant Descriptions
                                               Duckweed                          $2.95 per cup
                                               Hyacinth & Water Lettuce    $4.95 each (50 or more $3.50 each)
Email us your wish list and we will send you a quote. Orders can be prepared for pick up at nursery or we can ship them to you, Let us know your preferance.

Eichornia crassipes
Water Hyacinth
Bulb-like floating foliage. Pale bluish to lilac flowers. Needs sun and heat with min. water temp. of  20° C to do well. Excellent plant for biofilters.
  • Ht. 8"
  • Non-native
  • Winter indoors or treat as an annual

Lemna trisulca
Ivy-leaved Duckweed

Small 3-lobed fronds form clusters or colonies; slower to replicate than L. turionifera.
  • Floats in water column
  • Native
  • Winter hardy              

Lemna turionifera
Common Duckweed
Tiny fronds replicate rapidly when nutrients are readily available. Relished by goldfish.
  • Floats on water surface
  • Native
  • Winter hardy              

Pistia stratiodes
Water Lettuce
Floating rosettes of velvety green leaves. Must have warm water (20°+ C) to do well. Excellent in biofilters
  • Ht. 4"
Winter indoors or treat as an annual
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