Bearberry Creek Water Gardens
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Do you ship plants? Yes. We use Canada Post, Loomis, Purolater and Hiway 9 Express.

Where do you ship to? BC, SK and AB. We can ship further but the extra day or two in transit is hard on the plants. You take the risk.

Do you ship bareroot? We can. The cost is the same as for potted but you will have a lighter box for shipping and the freight will be less.

Do you install? No. We let landscapers take on this job. We are growers only.

How are plugs packaged? 150 plugs per 1' x 1' x 2' box. Longer plants may require a 3' long box.

How much does a box of plugs weigh? Approximately 50 lbs. per box of 150 plugs.

How much does a 10" waterlily weigh? About 10 lbs.

How much does a 1 gallon marginal weigh? About 7 lbs.

Are you open Sundays? Sorry. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Do you wholesale? No.

Do you have a discount for commercial landscapers? Yes. Please contact us. We will need to know your business name and Business Number.

If a waterlily is listed as 'hardy', will it survive the winter in my pond? Not necessarily. A hardy waterlily will survive in water below the ice. It is a deep water aquatic plant. If your pond freezes to the bottom, the watelily tuber will likely also freeze. As a general rule, a water depth of 3' and more or if you are keeping the pond ice-free with an aerator or heater than you are safe. If you have a shallow pond it is best to bring the waterliy pot indoors and put in a plastic bag. Then store it like potatoes, in a cool dark location until spring.

RR 2 Sundre, Alberta, Canada T0M 1X0
403 638-4231
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