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Water Plants - free-floating, marginal and emergent, waterlily, Pondweed, bladderwort, hornwort

Water Plants for wetland reclamation and wildlife enhancement

Rooted floating-leaved water plants, marigold, Lotus, Pondlily, Waterlily

Submerged/Oxygenating water plant, Pondweed, Milfoil, Bladderwort, Crowfoot
Section I: Water Plants (seed, bare root, plug, potted)
A. Water Plants for Water Gardening
  • Free-floating Water Plants
Water Hyancinth, Common Duckweed, Ivy-leaved Duckweed, Water lettuce
  • Marginal & Emergent Water Plants
Sweet Flag, Plantain, Sloug Grass, Bog Arum, Marigold, Sedges, Palm, Papyrus, Rush, Horsetail, Pennywort, Iris, Loosestrife, Mint, Bogbean, Forget-me-not, Coltsfoot, Reed, Cinquefoil, Arrowhead, Bulrush, Parsnip, Cattail, Brooklime
  • Rooted Floating-leaved Water Plants
Marigold, Lotus, Pondlilies, Hardy Waterlilies, Tropical Day Bloomer, Floating Heart, Water Smartweed, Pondweed, Crowfoot, Arrohead, Bur-reed
  • Submerged/Oxygenating Water Plants
Hornwort, Pondweed, Northern Water Milfoil, Mare's Tail, Parrot's Feather, Crowfoot, Bladderwort

B. Water Plants for Wetland Reclamation & Wildfile Enhancement
  • Free-floating Water Plants
Common Duckweed
  • Marginal & Emergent Water Plants
Sweet Flag, Plantain, Bog Arum, Marigold, Sedges, Rush, Horsetail, Grass, Fleur-de-lis, Bogbean, Coltsfoot, Reed, Arrowhead, Bulrush, Bu-reed, Cattail
  • Rooted Floating-leaved Water Plants
Pondlilies, Waterlilies, Water Smartweed, Pondweed, Crowfoot, Arrohead,
  • Submerged/Oxygenating Water Plants
Pondweed, Mare's Tail, Northern Water Milfoil

C. Native Wetland Plant Seed
We have a variety of native wetland plant seed available. Please visit our ONLINE STORE or ask about what seed varieties that are offered.

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Section II: Algae Control and Water Quality, Water pumps, dechlorinator, dye, bacteria control

Section II: Books, water and wetland plants of the prairie provinces, water in the garden

Section 4: Containers, Pots

Section 7: Fountains

Section 9: Liners
Section II: Water Garden Supplies
1. Algae Control/Water Quality
Aeration / Algacide / Bacteria / Dechlorinator / Foam Remover / Pond Dye / Pond Floculant / Pond Vacuum / Ultraviolet

2. Books
Earth Ponds / Water Garden Plants / Low-maintenance Water Gardens, Water Garden Basics / Water Gardening in Containers / Water & Wetland Plants of the Prairie Provinces

3. Clothing
Bearberry Creek T-Shirt / Caps / Gloves

4. Containers
Marginal Pots / Waterlily Pots / Lotus Pots

5. Fertilizer
Aquatic Tab 10-20-10 - different sizes

6. Filters
Intake / Pressurized / Skimmers / Waterfall filter / Waterfall Weir Savio

7. Fountains
Extensions / Flow controls / Fountain Heads (Plastic) / Fountain Heads (Brass/Bronce) / Fountain Kits / Tubing / Water Level Control / Arbrux Floating Fountains - Destiny Fountain and Mirage Aerators

8. Lighting

9. Liners
Geotextile / Liner, EPDM / Liner, PVC / Preformed Ponds

10. Overwintering
Deicer / Pond Net

11. Plumbing Supplies
Ball Valves / Bishings / Couplings / Elbows / Connectors / Garden Hose / Adapters / Gator-Lock / Couplers / Clamps / Nipples / Pipes

12. Pumps
Out-of-pond / Submersible

13. Soil
Pea Gravel / Soil

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Section III: Pond Supplies Section III: Plant Care
  • Planting Aquatic Plants
  • Handling Bare Root Plants
  • How do I overwinter my water plants?
  • Color in the Water Garden
  • Overwintering Fish

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Section IV: Pond Care - Algae control, bio-filtration, water quality, calculations and coversions Section IV: Pond Care
  • Algae Control
  • Bio-filtration
  • Water Quality
  • Calculations & Conversions

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